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NaturaStone is an Australian manufacturer of 6mm quartz surfaces. NaturaStone, the next generation quartz surfacing product, is the only quartz surface being manufactured with an acrylic binder.

The NaturaStone technology includes a formulation and manufacturing process that has been developed over years of R&D and has not been able to be emulated by any other manufacturer. It is truly cutting edge technology.

There are many advantages for choosing NaturaStone.  Unlike 20mm quartz surfaces, NaturaStone is stored, palletized and transported flat and single slabs can be carried by hand.

NaturaStone has higher performance characteristics than 20mm polyester based quartz surfaces, including; flexural strength, impact strength, elongation to break, fire resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

The inherent toughness of NaturaStone allows for the slabs to be stored and transported flat. Weighing only 58kg per slab, as opposed to 250kg for 20mm thick slabs, it offers a significant logistical advantage, with storage on standard pallet racking, transporting on general freight, even into remote areas.

NaturaStone is dry cut and fabricated in a similar manner to square edged laminate tops, therefore, is ideally suited to HPL countertop manufacturers, solid surface fabricators, cabinet makers and the like, allowing them to easily enter the quartz stone market without expensive setup.

NaturaStone allows fabricators to manufacture and install stone countertops, either as new or overlayed onto old surfaces.

Please have a look at the NaturaStone site and visit the following link to see how easy NaturaStone is to work with.

Please contact Terry Ward at or 1-(604)-831-5347 or Peter Kilgore at or 1-(702)-266-7421 for further information regarding NaturaStone products.